To make something creative

Life plays under its own rules, and we seem stilled as time passes through us. 28 days is just long enough to get into a flow, to film, to have a chance to experiment with sound and editing. All this while still playing the game of life.

We get it, sometimes you haven’t made something of your own in a long time and getting started is hard. Too hard. So consider this as your Documentary Playground, where you play for 28 days of that month and produce something that is viewable, but still not dry from last night's glue. 


We will repeat the process every month.

28 (ish) days

1 short film

Doc in a Month is a platform for creatives to challenge themselves in 28 days.


The purpose is to play, to be creative and engage with your surroundings by capturing them in an authentic and unpolished way. Doc in a Month provides you with the platform to rekindle your creative practise and form a collective of individuals who make because they miss making.


Your submitted piece isn’t limited to classic documentary, but can be any medium that relates the experience of the real world into video format.

1 theme

A stimulus isn’t really a stimulus. Consider it more like a starting point, ready for you to make your own.


The stimulus is the butter, but you can do many things with butter.